September 25, Bitola – Marija Apchevska introduced two film crews from the short films selection. The director of the film Birch, Paisley Valentine Walsh spoke of the idea of the film.

-The childhood memories were the main idea to shoot this film. We tried to stay close to the memories the whole time, Paisley said.

The film is shot on a filmstrip, which is very hard.

-The harder thing is the fact that you also have a dog and two children and you don’t have the opportunity to shoot the scenes multiple times. We made the choice of working on filmstrip because we think that it gives more connection to the audience, Vincenzo Marranghino, the cinematographer of the film Birch, pointed out.

The second film from the short films selection that was introduced today was the film Without Love, which was shot in hard conditions on a mountain.

-We were shooting three days in Mavrovo, the location is in Macedonia, and it was hard to work in those conditions. We know that the scene of jumping in the lake leaves a stronger impression, and it wasn’t easy to shoot it, but we did it, the director and script writer of the film, Dina Duma, said.