Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival


September 25, Bitola – At the press-conference, as part of the European Cinema Perspectives program, the film The Marriage and the director Blerta Zeqiri was introduced.

This is a Kosovar film which showcases an unusual love triangle, where, only two weeks before Anita and Bekim’s wedding, Bekim’s secret lover, Nol comes to town.

-The film opens up a subject of which existence we are not aware, but it is more at the margins of the society. The problem the LGBT community faces is quite boldly treated. Although it has all the aspects of a Balkan community, there are very beautiful patriarchal scenes, treating the traditional values, because the people in the audience aren’t always ready to see scenes of two male actors making love, Slagjan Penev, selector of the European Cinema Perspectives program, said.

The film The Marriage is the first feature film of the director Zeqiri and it had quite a great success at festivals so far.

-The influence by the actors was quite big in the making of the script, but I also want to point out their bravery to accept being part of this project because when we started to prepare the film in 2012-2013, there was a big accident at a party in Kosovo promoting an issue devoted to the LGBT community. A large group of extremists came by, wrecking everything, and some people were beaten up. That is why we were also terrified that something similar might happen to us considering the subject of the film. We kept the film a secret, the media did know the theme, but they helped us by not publishing anything until we finished the film. A great deal was done also by the actors Alban Ukaj, who is very popular, who has worked abroad and is known as the Kosovar Brad Pitt, everyone loves him, and the role of Nol, the lover in the film, is played by the Kosovar rock-star Genc Salihu, Zeqiri said.