September 25, Bitola – As part of the First Films First program, the cinematographer Christian Berger and the production designer Christoph Kanter held a Master Class on the subject Creating Visual Style in Haneke’s Films. The attendees were greeted by the festival director Gena Teodosievska and the program coordinator Stefan Arsenijevikj, who said that it is a great honor for this program to collaborate with the Manaki Brothers festival for three years in a row. The moderator of the Master Class was Samir Ljuma. The Master Class focused on three films by Haneke where the two guests collaborated. On the question if the production designer is some sort of a cultural anthropologist, Kanter answered that it is true because there should be some quite thorough research of what everything was like in the time showcased in the film. Berger pointed out the collaboration with his fellow cinematographers, one of whom is Roger Deakins himself, who he had discussion with over issues while working on the film The White Ribbon. In terms of framing, Berger highlighted that with time the good cinematographer simply develops a feeling of exactly what information he should give to the viewer. He has quite often been inspired by art and paintings. Berger and Kanter were unanimous that, while working on films, everyone needs to make sure they have the same interpretation as the director of what is not written down in the script.