September 25, Bitola – Following the screening of the documentary film Living the Light last night, a film devoted to the life and work of the cinematographer Robby Muller, the recipient of the 2016 Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement, the director Claire Pijman and Robby Muller’s wife, Andrea Muller answered the questions from the audience.

-I am honored to be here amongst such good and famous cinematographers, and even though I shot and edited this film, I always see something new there and I am truly thankful for giving us the chance to screen it here. The film’s structure was dictated by the huge archive of recordings and photographs, the director Pijman said.

His wife Andrea said that the light, the work were important to Robby Muller as much as the family, but the film shows quite well that the trust was quite important for him and for the communication with the family, but also for the work. Robby wanted to work with directors he can trust and when he gets that trust back, the collaboration bloomed.

Roger Deakins also attended the screening and said that he very much appreciates Muller’s work, especially the way he used color and that he has had great influence into his own work, pointing an example in the film To Live and Die in LA, which had changed the way Hollywood works.

The film devoted to Robby Muller had its premiere at the Venice Film Festival shortly after his death. His wife Andrea said that it was rather complicated for the family to watch the film, but they realized that it is a great landmark of Robby Muller’s work. She also gave her gratitude to the Manaki Brothers festival and said that when she was coming to Bitola, it had a special significance because she followed the path of her husband, who has attended the Manaki Brothers festival couple of time before.