Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Claudia Cardinale attended the press-conference for Noble Lies

September 24, Bitola – At press-conference, the crew from the film Noble Lies was introduced, the film that was screened last night in honor of Claudia Cardinale, the recipient of the Special Camera 300 for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema Art.

A surprise for the journalists today was the appearance of Claudia Cardinale herself, alongside Paolo Rossi, the film’s producer, and Emanuela Zaccherini, producer.

The festival director Gena Teodosievska introduced the crew, pointing out that the film Noble Lies, filmed in 2017, caused great interest to the public, and Cardinale added that she very much liked her role in the film.

-I liked the script and I reacted enthusiastically to it because it was also a debut film of the director Antonio Pisu. I play an old lady in the film, one married to an older man and I have an older brother, but I have to say that I was surrounded by very good actors and I think that it is quite important for a film to have a good acting crew. The cinematographers left a big impression on me because they are very important, and I favor the directors Visconti and Bolognini. Otherwise, I don’t have a favourite cinematographer, I have good collaboration with all of them, Cardinale said.

-No, no, I am not a film diva, I am a normal woman! – Claudia Cardinale kept saying.

Paolo Rossi gave his gratitude to the given space at the festival and said that he had picked Claudia for the film because she is a very special person.

-She lives a normal life, not the one of a star and that is what the people around the world like. I am thankful for the support as well, because she does know how hard it is to make a debut in Italy with an independent production and she wanted to help us. She is not like Sophia Loren and the other stars. The most famous Italian film critic said for this film that, considering the fact that it is very hard to make an independent film nowadays, it as piece has overcome that obstacle because it is different from the rest of the films of the Italian cinematography, Rossi said.

-Paolo is an exceptional person, a professional in every way and I think that the film will be here to stay, having some new influence on the film world, Zaccherini said.

All the members of the film crew were unanimous on their loving feelings of Bitola, the festival’s organization and the fascination with the mosaics of Heraclea and the Macedonian cuisine.