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Alex de Ronde expresses concern for the future of deaf children with the film Deaf Child

September 24, Bitola – The director of the film Deaf Child, Alex de Ronde, in his talk with the selector of the documentary program Marija Dzidzeva, spoke about the motives for shooting the film and dealing with the problems of deaf children.

-The main motivation to make the film Deaf Child was the fact that the biggest part of the other deaf children films are a lot more focused on the handicap that has to be fixed by the doctors or the teachers, but my main goal was to showcase the deaf child as part of a cultural minority, with its own language and culture. I simply wanted to say that I am concerned for the future of deaf children. All around the world there are schools for deaf children that are closing down, they have to go to regular schools and it is not easy for them there, Alex de Ronde said.