Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Introducing the jury for the official competition program of ICFF Manaki Brothers

The members of the international jury: Olympia Mytilinaiou, cinematographer from Greece and president of the jury, Rainer Klausmann, cinematographer from Switzerland, Rebecca Fayyad, cinematographers’ agent from France, and the Macedonian in the jury, Gjorche Stavreski, the director of The Secret Ingredient, the Macedonian Academy Award candidate, were introduced in Bitola. One person was missing at the meet-and-greet, Mattias Troelstrup, cinematographer from Denmark, who will come to Macedonia tomorrow.

The president of the jury Mytilinaiou said that she is in Bitola for the second time, but the first time as a member of a jury, which she considers a great honor.

“As I am a cinematographer myself, this festival is very important. We had a great opening ceremony and I am joyously expecting to start watching the films”, Olympia said.

This year, there are two ladies in the jury. The second one is a cinematographers’ agent, who often works with them and helps them land jobs. It is Rebecca Fayyad, cinematographers’ agent from France.

”I think that the camera is not something celebrated enough and it is amazing that there is a festival that does that, and I am even more happy to be part of it. The camera is a big deal for me. I love it very much and I am very happy that there is a festival that celebrates cinematographers”, Fayyad said.

Rainer Klausmann is a Golden Camera 300 recipient, and last year he received the Silver Camera 300. Now he is again in Bitola as a member of the jury.

“I am happy to be again in Bitola. This is one big family. I feel it that way and I always see great film when I come here. I am thankful for the invite and I expect what is to come in the following days”, Klasumann pointed out.

It is a tradition for one of the members of the jury to be Macedonian. This year, that is the director Gjorche Stavreski, whose film The Secret Ingredient was a big success throughout the country, as well as abroad.

“The Secret Ingredient was chosen to be the Macedonian Academy Award candidate, but it is quite clear to me that the path up there is quite rocky and it is quite tough to get to that nominees list. I am still staying reserved to it all. Otherwise, I feel truly amazing here and I am honored that I am amongst these people. These will be some pretty nice days, Stavreski said, joking that, as in football, Germany will win at the end yet again.