Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Srgjan Janakijevikj is the director of the Opening Ceremony of the 39th Festival Manaki Brothers

September 22, Bitola – The preparations for the gala opening ceremony of the 39th edition of the International Cinematographers Film Festival Manaki Brothers in the Center for Culture in Bitola are coming closer to an end. The city is filling up with filmmakers and starts to breathe in the festival spirit.

For the gala opening ceremony of the festival on September 22, there will be a performance directed by the famous Macedonian director Srgjan Janakijevikj. Explaining the concept, he poses the questions: What is film? A dream, a mirror which reflects our essence, or fun? The most organized business created by madmen?

“Right here, in Bitola, when one empire was at dawn, and another was on a deathbed, two brothers bought a machine which makes magic happen. A machine which grips reality. A chess game played with a living army. A recorded madness of a demented beast.

And here we are at a festival devoted to these lucid brothers. In Kubrick’s own words: “The film is – or should be – more of a music than of a fiction, progression of atmosphere and feelings. The theme which is behind the emotion, the sense, it all comes later on”. In that manner, in a simple, minimalistic approach, we want to walk you through the dream of the film, through the feelings we have went through and the ones which are yet to come. Let us break up and rebuild the puzzle of film magic. Let us smile and cry to the art which makes us smile and cry”, the director Janakijevikj says.

Jelena Jovanova and Ivana Koceva take part in the performance, the music is made by Nadezhda Ruben, the arrangement is made by Andreja Naunov, piano performer is Dunja Ivanova, the lyrics are by Jovica Ivanovski, the light is managed by Ilija Tarchugovski, and the costumes are made by Lidija Georgieva.

After the opening ceremony, the short film The Lover by director Igor Ivanov Izi will be screened for the first time, and right after, in honor of this year’s Golden Camera 300 laureate, the Oscar-winner Roger Deakins, the film Blade Runner 2049 will be screened.

Communications partner of the 39th edition of ICFF Manaki Brothers is McCann Skopje marketing agency, which signs the creative concept “Hats Off” and the visual identity of the Festival, the inspiration for which comes straight from the respect towards all film artists.