Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The mayor Natasha Petrovska welcomed the guests in Bitola

September 22, Bitola – The mayor Natasha Petrovska welcomed the attendees in Bitola on behalf of the host city Bitola and its residents.

-The festival is significant for the people of Bitola, but also significant for the whole world because it affirms the way you can defy time and affirms that even the fourth dimension has relativity. A good picture can quite skillfully capture the moment, brake the transience, spatter through eternity, as nothing else could. Therefrom comes my deepest bow to all cinematographers, but also to our award recipients tonight who confirm that these values are ones to which we should not only bow, but send them to eternity. Enjoy the seven festival nights because life is too short, Petrovska addressed.