Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival


To try to walk in someone else’s shoes, to put our sensitivity, thoughtfulness, our crazy curiosity, our crazy emotions at the test, that’s what documentary cinema brings to me. Very often I leave the screening halls with mixed feelings of sadness, anger, inspiring agency, as if I am not the same person as before, the one before the film, and then I proceed to join all the people from the movie screen and all the people around me, on the faces of whom I “read” the same decisiveness to remedy the injustice, to feed the hungry, to respect the others, because without all of them we are nothing but useless dust, yet together with them we are noble patina. And I truly am not the same. That is why this year, at this 39th edition of the “Manaki Brothers” we needed the most beautiful smile of the master of light, Robbie Muller, who left with the light, in the film by his friend and colleague, the fi lm author Claire Pijman. That’s why we needed the films of the brave Alex de Ronde, who through this medium showed his love for his deaf son, the wonderful Tobias. The travels of Pope Francis Immortalized by the great Wim Wenders, the love stories of the pensioners from Istanbul through the simple camera of Shevaun Mizrahi, the mysteries of science and the new CERN miracle in the film by Valerio Jalongo, the clash with the environment and the cruelty of oblivion of the golden child of the wrestling sport in Macedonia, Shaban Trstena, captured in the fi lm by Igor Ivanov, and how can one stay indifferent to the fi lm by the Brit Ken Griffi ths who tells the story of the end of a family business in Peckham by the Gandolfi brothers, who spent their lives making and repairing photo cameras, a film that connects us to the cameras as magic boxes which turn the mundane into a miracle. Filmmakers Matthias Krepp and Angelika Spangel, on the other hand, create an extraordinary intimate drama about the refugees living in Syria, who through the new media format of online videos and use of social networks are able to follow the atrocities happening in their country in real time. How indifferent can you stay in front of these destinies, these stories, can you really stay indifferent at all?

Gena Teodosievska

Selector of the Documentary Program