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The Master of Light, the one and only Robby Muller has passed in the 78th year of his life

The Master of Light, the one and only Robby Muller has passed in the 78th year of his life. He was the one that world cinematography would have no meaning without.

We met him when he came to Bitola with “Breaking the waves” by Lars von Trier, in order to be receive the Special Golden Camera 300 for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema Art in 2002. We saw him again two years ago, in 2016, when we presented him with the Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement in his home in Amsterdam, where we were warmly welcomed by his honest smile and the thoughtful commitment of his wife Andrea.

He was and will remain to be our light.

The great has Picasso said: “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, and the great Robby Muller did exactly that with his creation and talent to recognize the right time and light.

We are honoured to have had him as our friend, supporter and laureate.

Robby, we thank you for the light.

Gena Teodosievska, Director of ICCF “Manaki Brothers”

„The connection between Robby MÜLLER and the MANAKI BROTHES Festival at the 37 edition in 2016 was symbolic in the sense that we celebrated the 20 anniversary from the first time when he participated in competition at the 17th festival edition in 1996, with the film BREAKING THE WAVES, a masterpiece he made in a creative tandem with director Lars Von Trier, which earned him the well-deserved Bronze Camera 300.

In 2000 they were in competition once again at the 21 MANAKI BROTHERS Festival, with another great film – DANCER IN THE DARK.

This connection was later elevated to a higher level, when at the 23 edition in Bitola, in 2002, Robby MÜLLER became the laureate of the Special Award Golden Camera 300 for Special Contribution to World Cinema Art (we screened MY BROTHER TOM, directed by Englishman Dom Rotheroe, in his honour) and acted as President of the International Jury at the same time.

With the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – GOLDEN CAMERA 300, the MANAKI BROTHERS Festival celebrated and awarded, in the best possible way, the extraordinary creative and artistic opus of one of the greatest and most prominent world cinematographers – ROBBY MÜLLER“

BlagojaKunovski – Dore, Art Director of ICCF “Manaki Brothers”