Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

We are proud of the tradition of the ICFF Manaki Brothers

At the closing ceremony of the 38th edition of the ICFF Manaki Brothers, the minister for culture Robert Alagjozovski expressed gratitude to all the participants of the festival, to the film workers who created a brand almost 40 years ago that still glows with uniqueness amongst the countless film festivals around the world.

-Besides the film workers, the real hosts of the festival, the audience of Bitola, also deserves an acknowledgement. This audience is our center, this audience are all of us. Exactly for the art lovers, the festival should continue to develop as a carefully created celebration of film, with a high respect towards the directors of photography and their dedication in constructing the aesthetic of the moving pictures – said Alagjozovski.

He also expressed the support of the Ministry, directed towards a better and more stable future and development of the festival in the spirit of the contemporary trends in art.

-The Ministry for Culture gives an essential support to the festival. We also demonstrated that recently, when we helped to right an injustice and the festival to be returned for organization to the Association of Film Professionals of Macedonia which has been organizing it for over three decades. We are determined to anticipate the future facing the quality in the making, but at the same time proud of our tradition and of the freshness of the experience of that tradition. That is priceless, noble, and truly very rare, and that’s why all need to honorably represent it and upgrade it – said the minster Alagjozovski.