Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The Russian cinematographer Alexey Rodionov wonderfully fitted in the work with the British film crew

The film “The Party” directed by Sally Potter is a British comedy filmed by the Russian cinematographer Alexey Rodionov. The film is in black and white, but there is also a track in color, and Rodionov says that he cannot decide which version is definitely better – some scenes look better in black and white, and some in color. The actors are filmed up-close, with a hand-held camera, in order to capture the drama of the act.

Rodionov also talked of the collaboration with the director and the way of shooting of the film.

-We have a great collaboration with her from the very start, she is a great person, she is very kind – which is a rare quality. Sally is exceptionally organized and works hard, she even never sits down and has no chair of hers on the set! – says Rodionov, adding that Sally Potter’s knowledge of the technical part of the work eases the collaboration.

Though coming from Russia, Rodionov says that his sense of humor is similar with the one of the Brits, so he wonderfully fitted in with the British team whist shooting.

-I have to say that the Brits are generally far more organized than the Russians when it comes to shooting films – said Rodionov.

He expressed his pleasure to be a guest at the “Manaki Brothers” festival.

-It is my first time in Bitola, I very much like the hospitality of the people. This is a unique festival dedicated to the cinematographers and offers a wonderful opportunity for the people from our profession to gather at one spot and communicate, because they always come second at other festivals – said Rodionov.