Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

On the 65 years of the first Macedonian film “Frosina” – The other six diamonds from Bozhinovski, given to the diamonds of cinematography

At the annual cocktail on the 65 years from the first Macedonian film “Frosina”, “Bozhinovski watches and jewelry” awarded the other six diamonds, as part of the project “Seven diamonds from Bozhinovski, to seven diamonds of cinematography”, which happened in Hotel Bistro “Bela Kukja”, Bitola, in partnership with the ICFF “Manaki Brothers”.

The six diamonds were awarded to: this year’s laureate, the recipient of the Special Golden Camera 300 for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema Art, the director Milcho Manchevski, the members of the festival jury of this year’s edition of “Manaki Brothers”, the cinematographers Paul Rene Roestad, Jani Petteri Passi, Luca Coassin and Erol Zubcevic, as well as the script writer and director Darijan Pejovski.

The first diamond was awarded last Monday to the laureate Pierre Lhomme after his Master Class held at the festival.

“The value of the works of all these people who we are honored to award with this recognition, cannot be measured by precious words, nor by the most precious diamonds, because the measuring unit for valuing the works of cinematography belongs to a completely other dimension, where the creativity is lived, and not consumed nor measured. We can only be grateful that every year Bitola has an invaluable opportunity to live with the creative energy of these people and that serves us as a daily reminder that cultural living is the best food for the soul”, stated Ana Bozhinovska, brand manager at “Bozhinovski watches and jewelry”.

The people from “Bozhinovski watches and jewelry” pointed out that they will continue with a constant support of the culture in its possibilities, because, in their words, it is the only way to cut and sharpen up our society and Bitola, and all cities in our country to get the glow they deserve. The diamonds are only a plain symbol that should praise this such process.