Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Katerina Zivanovic, film director: It is harder for the beginners to find a good crew to make a film with

One of the participants in the student program at this year’s edition “Manaki Brothers” is Katerina Zivanovic, a graduate from the film academy “Sinergia” from Belgrade, Serbia. She presented herself with two short films, the experimental “Unus dies” (“One day”) and the feature film “Revenge”.


What kind of impression are you leaving the festival and Bitola with?

“Manaki Brothers” is a wonderful “small” festival, and Bitola is a nice city, the people are close and welcoming, everyone offers any kind of help. There were a lot of hangouts out and new contacts.


How much do the contacts at such festivals lead to eventual new projects?

There were certainly ideas and conversations about eventual projects.


What do the young authors dream of, and what is the reality they live in?

When you start the film academy, you think of yourself to be both Spielberg and Hitchcock. And when you reach the final year of the academy, you clash with the reality that you should know many things about marketing and film sales, to get the relevant and current subject right for that moment etc. But, I think that the hardest part is to find a good crew which you will make a film with, because it is hard to build trust if you don’t already have some done work beforehand.


How much does the development of technology ease the process for the young authors?

According to my professors, it is quite different from the past, when the shooting went on film track. On one hand, it is great, because you can shoot a short film with a camera, even with a mobile phone with better performances, and edit it yourself. On the other hand, it leads to the situation that everyone can be a “director”, everyone can be a “cinematographer”, which is a problem because the film market is overflown, so the young filmmakers have a harder time standing out.