Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Graziella Bildesheim, independent film producer and consultant: The young producers from Macedonia and the region have great potential

Graziella Bildesheim is a producer who is included in the creative development and the financial shaping of feature and documentary films for over 25 years. She is a founder of a few training initiatives: Maia (2005), Hermes (2009, together with Council of Europe and Eurimages), Directors Across Borders (with EU Culture Program)…

Bildesheim is a lecturer, consultant and an expert at international and European organizations. She holds lectures at Centro Sperimentale at the State Film University in Italy, she is a member of the European Film Academy and of the jury for the “David di Donatello” prize and of the National Film Council at the Italian Ministry of Culture.

She held a Maia workshop at the “Manaki Brothers” festival, as part of the First Films First program, an intensive training program for audiovisual producers on the rise.

The training program Maia got its name by the Greek-Roman goddess of the fields, as well as of the spring, so from there comes the name of the month May as well. She is one of the seven Pleiades and she is a mother of Hermes, the god-protector of merchants, thieves, travelers, athletes and customs officers.


What are the impressions from the discussions of this session of Maia?

I am very happy to be here, I am very pleased by the collaboration with the Macedonian Agency. The workshop happened in a great atmosphere, we had participants from about ten different countries…


How much potential is there in the young producers from Macedonia and the region?

The young producers from Macedonia and the region certainly have great potential. The producers Angela Nestorovska, Elena Stanisheva, Dejan Krajchevski, then Vladimir Stojchevski from the “Media” program are a portion of those young and talented film people.


What are the biggest problems the young producers face?

The production of films in Europe and the world is really huge. The real choice at the picking of festivals should be made. I highly believe in the need for them to have a special subject in their films, so the producers need to find director who believe in their project. Attention needs to be put on the distribution network, but I still think that the base of success is to have a big story and a creative director. The young producers need to be present on the co-production markets, to be present on the international scene, to find co-producers, because it is very hard for them to produce a film solely in their own country.