Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The MAKPOINT program brought a versatile director sign and a play with film forms

The Makpoint program (a selection of last year’s domestic short film achievements) at this year’s edition of the film camera festival “Manaki Brothers” is consisted of 13 films, amongst which 3 documentaries and 2 experimental films. In terms of the interest and the attendance, they were double the last year’s. The present authors (directors, cinematographers, producers, actors) talked about the work process, commented on their future ideas which are in the process of creation and exchanged experiences with the colleagues.

The program was split in two festival days, and the screenings were in the small hall of the Center for Culture. Despite their out-of-competition, interval-screening character, this program selection is especially significant for the authors that make the debut short films.

Almost all of them are on the same page that the preproduction is most important to get to a sound execution. The largest part of the films were ones shot in a few days, even in a few hours, but the preparations had lasted longer.

According to the audience’s reaction, the films that work on contemporary subjects, the ones which bring down the taboos of intimate stories, are intricate and leave a strong impact.

There is no reinventing “hot water” here, but the social, economic or love plots are more extensively packed with modern production, creative directing solutions, good casting. This promises films that would be successfully placed abroad as worthy representations of Macedonian cinematography.

If these filmmakers succeed in continuing on the right track and to get rid of the beginner mistakes, they will win over the trust of the audience, which already recognizes a large part of them and eagerly expects their new works.

As in this festival edition’s motto, Touch the light, we hope that there will be many amongst there authors who will be put into the spotlight and will win prizes at world festivals.