Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Promotion of the book “Manaki – a Story in Pictures about Janaki and Milton”

The promoting of the book about the brother Janaki and Milton Manaki by Robert Jankuloski also took place today at the festival. The documentary, directed also by Robert Jankuloski, was screened last night as well, and it talks about the photos of the Manaki brothers.

The film archivist Igor Stardelov from the Cinematheque of Macedonia, who did the promotion of the book, said that he was overjoyed that someone finally undertook a research of the photos of the Manaki brothers.

-At the Archive of Macedonia, the regional department of Bitola, there are thousands of negatives from photos that no one had looked at so far. Robert undertook the painstaking task to digitalize and save the negatives from the glass plates. That means that they are now digitalized and saved. I am overjoyed that the process of digitalization of the other materials continued in the archive as well – said Stardelov.

He also pointed out that the significant step made by Jankuloski in researching the work of the Manaki brothers is the analyzing of the aesthetic value of the brothers’ photos as well.

Aco Kimovski, from the Bitola department of the State Archive of Macedonia, pointed out that the work of Jankuloski motivated them to continue to digitalize the rest of the materials to be found at the archive.

Jankuloski says that Bitola is foremost a photography city, and it is a film city afterwards.

-Bitola is more of a photography city than a film city, I hope that in the future there will be a book for every photographer from this city, as Papakoch, Pinza, and many others. Some of them had worked even before the Manaki brothers – says Jankuloski.