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Daniil Fomichev explained “How Viktor Garlic Took Alexey the Stud to the Nursing Home”

Daniil Fomichev, the man behind the camera of the Russian film “How Viktor Garlic Took Alexey the Stud to the Nursing Home”, spoke of the work with director Alexander Hant, as well as for which film scripts it is harder to pass with the Russian production companies.

-I and Alexey know each other since the time we were students, when we worked on film exercises. We were later shooting some music videos and here we are with our first feature film together. Alexey has two diplomas – he first studied cinematography, then directing – says Fomichev.

In terms of the film aesthetics, done in bold colors, though with a rather sad theme, Fomichev explained that their purpose was to freshen up the grayness of the atmosphere and the filming conditions, so they turned up the intensity of the colors in the post-production process.

-To achieve the drama and to capture the character of the characters, we set them up quite close to the camera and we film with wide-angle lenses – says Fomichev.

He pointed out that the director’s idea was primarily to shoot a film of the prisons, but no production company wasn’t granting them the finances for such a scenario. At the end, they simply gave him the done script for this film, which works on a more universal subject of a father who has been absent from his child’s life so to return later. The director accepted to film according to this script and that is how the film “How Victor Garlic Took Alexey the Stud to the Nursing Home” came to be.