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The surreal film of Michele de Angelis brings back the passion and love for old films

The Italian director Michele de Angelis and his cinematographer Ezio Gamba spoke of their surreal film “Case study: The Man in the Movie Camera”. It is a film consisted of multiple sequences, most of them in a surrealist style, which idea is to capture the nostalgia of the past century cinema.

-I am interested in old films. According to me, the film died out in the 70s and we only recreate what we have already seen ever since. Hence, this film is an homage of the old films – pointed out Michele de Angelis.

He also stated that the surreal film is the only possible film, and playing with multiple genres is his passion in the work.

-The surreal film is the only possible film. I will even go as far as saying that the only reality is the film – the film is the reality! – says De Angelis.

Sophia, the actress playing in his film, was also present by the director’s and cinematographer’s side. Michele de Angelis noticed her on the Greek coastline and simply asked her to act in his film.

-I want to thank the director for the opportunity to be here with you. I am not an actress, Michele noticed me in my homeland of Greece and simply called me to work with him – she pointed out.

The film is made in a collaboration with a Macedonian co-production team, so the post-production is entirely finished right in Macedonia. The producer Kornelija Ristevska pointed out that it is a rarity for a country as Macedonia to collaborate with larger countries because we bear significantly smaller participation in the total budget of the film, but she hopes that this collaboration with the Italian team will open other perspectives as well.

Finally, Michele de Angelis pointed out that he has relatives in Macedonia and that he would really like to shoot a film here.

-I work on another three scripts at the moment. I would want at least two of them to be filmed in Macedonia – said De Angelis.