Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Multiple Macedonian short films take part of the Small Golden Camera 300 competition

The Short Films program that is a competition for the Small Golden Camera 300 is screened over the course of two days. A few representatives of the teams that worked on the Macedonian short films – participants in the competition were guests at the press conference. The youngest one amongst them was Monika Boshkovikj, the girl that acted in “Iron Story”, a film directed by Zlatko Kalenikov.

The director explained that even though it a serious and socially sensitive theme, he chose to film it from a child perspective, so that in the end he gets a bright and optimistic product.

-I am aware that this bright, naïve form isn’t always receptive for the film festivals, but my goal was to put the emphasis on the naivety of the child perspective and to make a happy-end-story, filmed in bright and clear colors that are used in filming of children’s films – explained Kalenikov.

Ivana Shekutovska, producer at “Stream On Film”, said that this film is a debut work of their production company and has hopes for further collaborations with the team.

The short film “Ambi” directed by Marija Apcevska, which was screened yesterday, touches the subject of alcoholism.

-The film script is done with no exact goal, it is simply a matter of story that I wanted to tell, and this is my second collaboration with Vlatko Samoilovski behind the camera – pointed out Apcevska.

The cinematographer Naum Doksevski presented himself with two films in the Short Film competition this year. One of them is in collaboration with the director Dina Duma, and the other one with Goran Stolevski.

-I had an opportunity to see the two film on the same night for the first time and to compare them. They are truly drastically different films, where I used a different filming approach, in accordance with the directors’ ideas. In Duma’s film I used steady shots to capture the atmosphere, and with Stolevski, we shot with a handheld camera to capture that documentary approach of closeness to the actors – said Doksevski.

The producer Marija Dimitrova from “Krug Film”, who collaborated with Dina Duma, pointed out that they haven’t yet tried to apply for support from the Macedonian Film Agency for the short and more experimental films and they make them in collaboration with other production companies from Macedonia.

-We have never tried because we know we can make them in collaboration with the other productions. I personally think that they aren’t paying attention to such short and more experimental films, at least not yet. It might open up as a segment in the next period, one that the Agency will develop, because I think that our cinematography needs such films, because they bring along some freshness and diversity, a new way of thinking – said Dimitrova.

The actress Sara Klimoska gave to everyone the greeting of the director Goran Stolevski, who wasn’t present in Bitola, expressing the pleasure of working with him, because she thinks that he is a great and serious director with potential for much success in the future.