Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Karin Schiefer and Martin Gschlacht presented the state of the Austrian cinematography

Karin Schiefer from the Austrian Film Center, together with the cinematographer Martin Gschlacht, explained the challenges of the film industry in Austria.

Karin Schiefer, who deals with promotion of the Austrian films and their placement on the world festivals, pointed out that, sadly, it is sometimes easier to reach to the foreign market than to the domestic audience, which gets lower in numbers.

-The festivals are inevitable in the promotion process of our films. They are almost the only places where you can get the, conditionally said, smaller films to gain on viewership. It is easier for the Austrian films to achieve international success, than to get popularized on the domestic market. That is one of the questions we seek a solution for – says Schiefer.

Martin Gschalcht, who also works as a producer beside his primary vocation as a cinematographer, pointed out that the Austrian market is quite specific.

-The Austrian market is very small. It is unfeasible for a film to be made and to be placed on the market only in Austria. Another problem is that the German market is accessible to us because of the language differences, so our films have to go there with a subtitle and that is also a great limitation – explained Gschlacht.

It is the fourth time for Martin Gschlacht to be at the festival “Manaki Brothers”, and once he had even had a role of a member of the jury. This year he presented himself as a cinematographer with two of his films in the program Country in Focus with the film “Goodnight Mommy” and the dystopian film “Hidden Reserves”, on which he had achieved great visual effects despite the low budget of the film.