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The film “Felicite” showcased Africa in a cruel and truthful way

The film “Felicite” by the French director Alain Gomis, recipient of the Silver Bear award in Berlin, together with the cinematographer Celine Bozon gave an interesting showcase of Africa, or in the words of the cinematographer herself, crashed the clichés and showed us Africa in a cruel and truthful way.

-It is a film in which the documentary aspect and the showcase of Kinshasa is as significant as the story. Working on this film opened a new, magical world to me personally. In my career I have traveled to many countries, but Africa is something unimaginative and special – said Celine Bozon.

The biggest impact that the filming left on this French cinematographer was the interweave of the three main aspects of the film: the documentary one, the musical one and the night shooting in the African forests. The people in Africa are a story to themselves, however.

-The people in Kinshasa have a completely different approach towards the camera than the Europeans because it doesn’t happen that often that films are shot there. That is why we had an extraordinary chance to film spontaneous situations on the sets – explained Bozon.

The moment that she pointed out from all the others by which she will remember the shooting in Africa is the story of the encounter of the main actress with a wild African animal called okapi.