Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Rainer Klausmann: I decided to work only with Fatih because he is a great director in every way

Rainer Klausmann, the cinematographer who has been working only in a tandem with the director Fatih Akin in the last few years, with his last film “In the Fade” was perceived with great interest from the festival audience with its theme, as well as the quality of this new achievement by Akin. Klausmann is a previous winner of the “Golden Camera 300” with the film on which he also worked together with Fatih Akin “Head On”, and he also participated at the festival before with the film “The Edge of Heaven”.

On the question of how did he achieve the quality of the film, Klausmann answered that he can point out a few things as most significant:

-For a film as this one you need a good script, then a good director and, of course, good actors. The actress Diane Kruger had a really stunning performance, which surprised me, to be honest, because I had never been met with her work before – said Klausmann.

As a cinematographer, he has quite an interesting approach towards the work, and he says that he works more with his guts that with his brains.

-I don’t have a rigid concept in my work. If something has been planned ahead, but the circumstances on set require a change, then I make a change right away. Honestly, I work more with my guts then with my brains – says Klausmann.

About the exclusivity that he has in the work with director Fatih Akin, he explained that he had to make a choice, and with that director they had most understanding and they functioned great as a team:

-In one period of my career I had too much work, I was seeing the team more than I was seeing my wife and I had to make a decision at one moment. I decided to work only with Fatih and not to accept working with other directors because he is certainly a great director in every way – concluded Klausmann.