Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Interview with Theo Votsos, film critic: A festival with a tradition always has a future

The film critic and literary translator Theo Votsos, who publishes in the renowned specialized magazine “Film and TV Cameramen” in Germany, is a longtime friend of the festival “Manaki Brothers”. What is the viewpoint from the festival “Manaki Brothers”, what is the future of such festivals with specialized programs whose focus is on the work of the cinematographers… were part of the questions directed to Votsos.

How do you rate the “Manaki Brothers” festival?

The festival being focused on the art and film camera, my assessment is that the people organizing the festival and the visitors really respect the work of the cinematographers. I believe that the festival gained a more profound profile since it is being led by Blagoja Kunovski-Dore as the director and selector of the main program and Gena Teodosievska as the artistic director. I feel the festival and its programs very close to my sensibility, and, certainly, the people that have such respect for the film and film camera are very close to me. The festival people have a feel for what a real film is. I also noticed that the cinematographers from all around the world that are guests here recognize the hospitality towards them and they feel at home.

What is the future of the festivals with a specialized program, such as “Manaki Brothers”? Do they have a future at all?

It is most certain that such a festival has a future! The festival has tradition, long history, it has present, so why not a future!? The past and present are the fundamentals of the future. I read in the catalogue about the political obstacles that the festival has had in the past year, but I hope they have been overcome…

In your opinion, what is the future of cinematographers – and cinematography – after the sure transfer from analog to digital camera?

I think that there is future for analog cinematography as well! On the other hand, I reckon that the digital technology can be quite useful in preservation of the feeling of analog photography and cinematography.