Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The message of the authors of “It was a Good Film” is “Film professionals from Macedonia, please unite!”

ICFF “Manaki Brothers” marked the 70-year jubilee since the formation of “Vardar Film”, which was also an occasion for the screening of the new documentary “It was a Good Film”, produced by MRTV and realized with help from the Macedonian Cinematheque. From the team of the film, present at the press-conference, were Nikola T. Kalajdziski, Sonja Samardzieva and Tomi Aleksov, while Gena Teodosievska, the artistic director of the festival, led the talk.

“It was a Good Film” consists of interviews with current film professionals from Macedonia, as well as film clips from older archive materials of films and people from the Macedonian film industry.

The author Nikola T. Kalajdziski explained that they entered the project with the director Tomislav Aleksov, with whom they worked on another project before when they decided that it was about time to mark the 70-year anniversary of the formation of “Vardar Film”.

-Our house (MRTV) is obligated to mark the jubilee, to remind us of it. This film came to be from an accidental meeting with my colleague Tomislav Aleksov, with whom I worked on a documentary. He said that 70-years of “Vardar Film” is something we must honor and I accepted to assist with pleasure. That was the way we entered the production of a film which I processed very emotionally. It was a very specific experience, because it was about something that represented pride for all of us, all these 70 years, and something that is now gone. That is why the subtitle of the film is “A Love Story for an Unrequited Love” – said Kalajdziski.

He also added that the screening of the film at the “Manaki Brothers” was experienced very emotionally from the team; her message at the end of the talk was: “Film professionals from Macedonia, please unite!”.