Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The cinematographer Jolanta Dylewska in official competition on “Manaki Brothers” for the fourth time

The guest of today’s press conference was the cinematographer of the film “Spoor”, Jolanta Dylewska, which is part of the official competition. This is her fourth time in the official competition – the first time she participated in the festival program was in 2006 with the film “The Boy on the Galloping Horse”. She has won Golden and Silver Camera 300.

The film “Spoor” is directed by Agnieszka Holland; this is the second collaboration between her and Dylewska. Their first film together was “In Darkness”, recipient of the Golden Camera 300 in 2012.

Jolanta Dylewska is also a director, mostly of documentary films. In her talk she emphasized that the work on the film was not simple:

-We were working with animals and Agnieszka Holland is a director with great visual intelligence, so working with her is a great challenge. – said Dylewska at the press-conference.