Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The Legendary cinematographer Pierre Lhomme received the Lifetime Achievement Award “Golden Camera 300”

The opening ceremony was marked by two Lifetime Achievement Awards “Golden Camera 300”. The second Lifetime Achievement Award “Golden Camera 300” was granted to the French and world cinematographer, Pierre Lhomme, by the president of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorgje Ivanov.

Pierre Lhomme said that he was very pleased that one of the awards was awarded to Giuseppe Rotunno, an artist who showed all the possibilities of cinematography. He also emphasized that the cinematographers are people who greatly participate in the art of film and that is why he is happy that the festival “Manaki Brothers” celebrates the art of cinematography. 

– I would like to thank all my colleagues-filmmakers, especially the cinematographers the brothers Manaki, because they are the “first people behind the camera”, who show us the beginnings of the film; the first filmmakers were the ones who were behind the camera and filmed the moving images. In regards to me, I think that I was very lucky because I worked with people who considered film the most important thing in their lives and I hope that this festival will succeed in transferring that passion to you as well – said Pierre Lhomme.