Manaki Brothers - International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

The Cinematographer Luca Coassin will bring the award from Bitola to the laureate Giuseppe Rotunno

The audience in the Big Hall at the Cultural Centre reacted with a loud applause at the emotional speech of gratitude of this year’s first laureate of the Golden Camera 300 Lifetime Achievement Award, the famous Italian cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno, who wasn’t able to come to Bitola, but addressed the audience in Macedonia through a video-message: I am very grateful for this award, I thank the festival “Manaki Brothers” and your desire to give me an award, which gives me a great pleasure. 

The award for Rotunno, a cinematographer who is credited for over 80 films which defined the European cinematography, was received by his former student, now a cinematographer himself – Luca Coassin. He was honored by this opportunity and very pleased that the festival “Manaki Brothers” honored the work of this significant cinematographer. 

Coassin asked the audience in the room to applaud so he can film it and show the video to Rotunno.