A Letter from Jesper Andersen, program director of cinematheque of Danish Film Institute

9th December 2019

A Letter from Jesper Andersen, program director of Danish Film Institute

Одгласи по завршувањето на 40. јубилено издание на ИФФК „Браќа Манаки“

26th October 2019

40 – издание на Интернационалниот фестивал на филмска камера „Браќа Манаки“ од голем број учесници, гости, новинари, посетители  беше оценето како едно ид најуспешните во неговата досегашна долга историја. Еве некои од коментарите и писмата со импресии на нашите гости кои стигнуваат по завршувањето на фестивалот: Кинематограферот Рајнер Клаусман кој годинава учествуваше на фестивалот заедно со својот соработник и

The Small, Bronze, Silver, and Golden Camera 300 awards are received at the 40. ICFF “Manaki Brothers”

22nd September 2019

21 September, Bitola – For the end of the 40th edition of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival tonight, numerous film workers walked the red carpet, as well as the members of the MFPA, representatives from the Film Agency, the Municipality of Bitola, lovers of the film art and the audience of Bitola – all in the honor of the

The 40th edition of the “Manaki Brothers” ends tonight with the presentation of the Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement to Yorgos Arvanitis and the awards for the best cinematographers

21st September 2019

21 September, Bitola – Tonight, at the closing of the 40th jubilee edition of the ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, the Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement award will be presented to its laureate, the cinematographer Yorgos Arvanitis, and the international jury will announce the names of the winners of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Camera 300 for the best cinematography

The laureate Arvanitis and the guests of the “Manaki Brothers” festival visited the grave of Milton Manaki

20th September 2019

20 September, Bitola - Paying respect to the work of the Manaki brothers and the visit of Milton Manaki’s grave at the Vlach cemetery in Bitola is a tradition which is kept up for years by the ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, together with the hosts from the Commune of the Vlachs and the Council of the Municipality of Bitola. The

Yorgos Arvanitis, the laureate of the “Manaki Brothers”, held a masterclass, and the locals of Bitola filled up the Big Hall up to the last spot for ‘Honeyland’

19th September 2019

19 September, Bitola – Last night’s screening for Honeyland, as part of the festival program at “Manaki Brothers”, was overcrowded. The Big Hall of the Center for Culture was overflowing and there was almost no space for all the locals from Bitola who came to see the Macedonian candidate for the Oscar. The producer Atanas Georgiev and the cinematogrpaphers

The “Manaki Brothers” laureate, Edward Lachman held a masterclass, and John Mathieson, the cinematographer of ‘Gladiator’, also arrived in Bitola

18th September 2019

18 September, Bitola – Meetings with the press, presentations, film workshops, the “Manaki Brothers” festival, besides the screenings which start at 10 in the morning and last until midnight, hosts a number of other additional events. The festival audience had the unique opportunity to follow the masterclass of the world-renowned cinematographer Edward Lachman, the laureate of this year’s jubilee

The famous Fatih Akin is a guest at “Manaki Brothers”

17th September 2019

17 September, Bitola – Today’s festival day at the “Manaki Brothers” is going by in the sign of the meeting with the famous director Fatih Akin and his cinematographer Rainer Klausmann. Before the special screening of his newest film The Golden Glove, which happened last night at the Center for Culture in Bitola, a large number of fans came

The jury for the 40. ICFF “Manaki Brothers” introduced

16th September 2019

16 September, Bitola – The third festival day at the “Manaki Brothers” started with the introduction of the jury which will decide on the winners of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Camera 300. -This year, the members of the jury are: Ed Lachman, Kaloyan Bozhilov, Dominique Welinski, Fejmi Daut and Nenad Dukic, and as you can notice, the cinematographers

Talks with Almodovar’s cinematographer, Alcaine, Ljupcho Konstantinov and Jim Sheridan today at “Manaki Brothers”

15th September 2019

15 September, Bitola – Following yesterday’s opening ceremony of the 40th jubilee edition of the ICFF “Manaki Brothers”, today there were meetings with big film names as the cinematographer Jose Luis Alcaine and the Irish director and scriptwriter Jim Sheridan. There was also a talk with the recipient of the MFPA award Big Star of Macedonian Film, the composer

40. ICFF “Manaki Brothers” is opened with the presentation of the Golden Camera 300 to Edward Lachman and the “Big Star of Macedonian Film” to Ljupcho Konstantinov

15th September 2019

14 September, Bitola – Bitola started breathing in the festival spirit of the "Manaki Brothers" festival. The red carpet in front of the Centre for Culture saw numerous foreign and domestic film workers, directors, cinematographers, members of the international jury, as well as representatives of the highest political circles of the country, public personalities and a large number of

The Golden Camera 300 laureate for Lifetime Achievement Edward Lachman arrived in Macedonia

13th September 2019

It is our great pleasure to inform you that one day before the start of the 40th jubilee edition of the International Cinematographer’s Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, Edward Lachman, this year’s laureate of the Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement, arrived in North Macedonia. He arrived at the airport in Skopje this morning. He is happy that tomorrow evening