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Обединето Кралство, Франција, Белгија / 2019 / 100’


Режија/Director: Ken LOACH
Сценарио/Scr.: Paul LAVERTY
Кинематографер/Cinematographer: Robbie RYAN
Монтажа/Editor: Jonathan MORRIS
Музика/Music: George FENTON
Продуцент/Producer: Rebecca O’BRIEN
Продукција/Production: WHY NOT PRODUCTIONS, Paris-France; SIXTEEN FILMS, London-UK; FRANCE 2 CINEMA-France; LES FILMS DU FLEUVE-Belgium; BFI/British Film Institute-UK; BBC-UK


Kris HITCHEN (Ricky Turner)
Debbie HONEYWOOD (Abby Turner)
Rhys STONE (Seb)
Katie PROCTOR (Liza Jane)


Рики, Аби и нивните две деца живеат во Њукасл. Нивното семејство води тешка борба со долгот заостанат од финансиската криза од 2008 година. Една можност за да се изборат за некаква независност се појавува во вид на едно сјајно ново комбе и шанса за водење бизнис како самовработен возач за испораки. Тоа е тешка работа, а и работата на неговата сопруга како негувателка на стари луѓе не е нималку полесна. Семејството е силно, но кога и двајцата се повлечени во различни насоки сѐ доаѓа до критична точка…

ROBBY RYAN/BSC, cinematographer:

He is an Irish cinematographer with 103 credits of short and feature length films. He is best known for his work with the English director Andrea Arnold, with whom he first shot the Oscar Winning short film WASP (2003). Then as a tandem they collaborated in the feature films: RED ROAD (2006), FISH TANK (2009, the film was also in the Competition “Camera 300” at the Manaki Brothers Festival), WUTHERING HEIGHTS (2011) and THE AMERICAN HONEY (2016). Another successful collaboration in 2013, was the film PHILOMENA by director Stephen Frears. In 2015 he shot the film SLOW WEST by the dir&scr. John Maclean.  SORRY WE MISSED YOU is his second successful collaboration with director Ken Loach, preceded by the film, I DANIEL BLAKE, that won the Golden Palm in Cannes, 2016. His latest great success was the film THE FAVOURITE (2018, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos), that won him an Oscar Nomination for Best Cinematography.