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North Macedonia, Netherlands / 2019 / Documentary / 21’


Режија/Director: Vanja Dimitrova & Natasha Dimitrievska


Filmed in the Women’s Correctional Prison and in the Psychiatric Hospital, Macedonia. This documentary gives us
a glimpse inside the walls of these institutions and the people locked behind bars. In Macedonia, it is almost impossible to film inside these institutions, forbidden for outside people to visit and also extremely difficult to convince the prisoners and the ‘sick people to show their faces to the camera, be exposed to public and tell their stories.
We wanted to capture the atmosphere in these institutions, way of living, some small excerpts of their stories, suffering, dreams and hopes. The people who are “imprisoned” here, actually hide the facts about their imprisonment, so that they would not be rejected from their social circles when they get back to freedom. We were given just a few hours to film in both locations, just two female directors and one small camera. We called this “RAW” film making, questioning the meaning of freedom.