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Germany / Finland/ 2018/ Adventure, Comedy, Family/ 94’


Режија/Director: Stefan Westerwelle
Сценарио/Scr.: Salah Naoura, Ingo Schuenemann, Stefan Westerwelle
Кинематографер/Cinematographer: Julia Daschner


Mikke Emil Rasch, Nick Holaschke, Sabine Timoteo


Ten-year-old Matti wants desperately to vacation with his family in Finland, the country where his father grew up. But the Pekkanens, struggling to make ends meet, can’t afford the trip. So Matti tricks his parents and little brother into believing he’s won the lottery. As the title of the fi lm suggests (translated, it’s “Matti and Sammi and the three biggest mistakes in the universe”), things don’t quite work out as he hopes. The family soon fi nds itself in the middle of nowhere in Finland without a cent, a place to sleep or even the car key. Matti has to hope for a miracle, and he and his family embark on a stressful adventure that will hopefully bring them closer together again at the end.