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Режија/Director: Jean-Paul Rappeneau

Сценарио/Scr.: Jean-Claude Carrière, Jean-Paul Rappeneau, Edmond Rostand

Камера/Cinematographer: Pierre Lhomme





 Улоги/Cast: Gérard DepardieuAnne BrochetVincent Perez



A dashing officer of the guard and romantic poet, Cyrano de Bergerac is in love with his cousin Roxane without her knowing. His one curse in his life, he feels, is his large nose and although it may have been a forming influence in his rapier-sharp wit, he believes that Roxane will reject him. He resorts to writing letters to her on behalf of one of his cadets, Christian, who is also in love with Roxane but just doesn’t know how to tell her. She falls for the poetic charm of the letters but believes that they were written by Christian.


Pierre LHOMME , cinematographer:



Pierre Lhomme was born on 5 April, in the town of Boulogne-sur-Saine, France. From 1951-53 he attended the École nationale supérieure Louis-Lumière, while his study visit to film schools in America was also of great importance. Also between 1990 and 1993 he was the president of AFC, the Association of French Cinematographers, whose honorable president he still is, even now. Over the course of his career he consistently worked on shooting shorts, documentaries and feature films, and naturally, after his studies, in the early period in the 1950s and 1960s, he was gaining experience as a camera operator and camera assistant. In this first stage he shot the short films of the later-to-become notable French directors, such as Éric Rohmer, Philippe de Broca, Jean Eustache, Chris Marker, with whom, after Lhomme’s independent realization of the short film PARIS MON COPAIN (1954) where he took on the role of a director as well, he co-directed the long documentary LE JOLI MAI (1962, with Yves Montand, Simon Signoret and Lhomme as narrators), which, after the short film, is another portrait of Paris and the Parisians, in the spring of 1962 after the end of the colonial war and the Algerian trauma. In the course of 1978 we also have the series of shorts that Lhomme shot with the author Marguerite Duras.