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North Macedonia / Documentary / 2019 / 56’




Кинематографер/Cinematographer:Toni Kocev


Trajche Mihov, Zoran Dimov, Jovanka Igic & Ilija Tumbov


All postmen are marathon runners. Every day they walk for miles and miles as they deliver letters. But the main character of this story, Trajche Mighov, is probably the only postman in the world who has run 220 kilometers for 24 hours. He is not just a marathon runner but a marathon runner with a “degree”. The story of Trajche emerges as a kind of saga about the letter as a means of communication. But is the profession of postman dying out? What if all communication among people is exchanged electronically? Many will live their lives without ever receiving a love letter or a Christmas card from a postman. Trajche does not want to believe this scenario.