23-30 September 2017

slozuvalkaTHE PUZZLE
Macedonia / Documentary / 2015 / 38’

Director: Aleksandar Koviloski
Cinematographer: Nebojsha Milosavljevic, Gjore Milevski

STORY: “The Puzzle” is a Macedonian documentary/experimental film about the meaning of the hip hop culture in our region. This is not a classic hip hop documentary. It is a collage of views, experiences and ideas of individuals from the Macedonian hip hop scene. The film does not document the history of the Macedonian hip hop, but it raises questions and it opens up a discussion about the present of this culture, by comparing it to a jigsaw puzzle, where getting the final picture is a process of patience, intelligence and creativity. The film was produced by the informal organization Hip Hop Macedonia, featuring the most acclaimed hip hop artists from Macedonia since its beginning until today - Icko and V.G. (Chista Okolina), Tec (Most Wanted/Oshav Prod.) DJ Goce (SAF), Profo & Chovekot X (Klan Istok), Protiv Site (Legijata), Hrom (graffiti), Tiggaz (DNS) Toni Zen, Green Out, Puka Kozmetika, Brus, Slatkaristika, DzoDzo (Stress), Zhile & Vali, Ognen (beatbox), Zad Agolot, Titanium, Toksikolozi, Avtorizacija, Divizija.

Macedonia/ Documentary/ 2015 / 16’

Director: Sašo Dimoski
Scr: Sašo Dimoski
Cinematographer: Sašo Dimoski
Participate: Jovica Ivanovski, Elizabeta Bakovska, TihomirJančovski, Toni Dimkov

STORY: Although he was only forty-four when he died, Igor left behind sixteen published books, ten of which are poetry collections. He was not only a prolific author, a tireless translator from English, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, he was also the founder of "Blesok" cultural institution and publishing house. Igor was the creator of "Blesok" electronic magazine, one of the oldest electronic magazines on culture in Europe; via it, as a pioneer and visionary, he spread the Macedonian culture in the world, and brought the world culture to Macedonia.

Macedonia / Documentary / 2016 / 50’

Director: Tamara Kotevska
Scr.: Tamara Kotevska
Cinematographer: Tamara Kotevska, (curtain scenes shot by: Kristijan Karadzovski, Ljubomir Stefanov)

STORY: Between 2014 and 2016, protests are taking over Macedonia. Students, as the youngest, most energetic intellectual force of the country are showing they are unsatisfied and are threatening to leave the country in large numbers. This is one of the reasons why the “work & travel” program gains its popularity among young students very rapidly. This film follows three ambitious students who decide to leave their country and go on a“ work& travel” program in USA. This real characters' journey is represented as a "wild life species' experiment" and the documentary's narration is comparing these 3 students with curtain species of ants. Therefore the title "studAnts". As the story goes, we can see the similarities of this "human experiment" with any other "ants' experiment" shown in many wildlife documentaries, more and more clearly. This kind of narration is chosen in order to show their personal struggles, and emotional and intellectual dilemmas on one side, but also, to show how small and meaningless they are in a foreign world they crave for, but they don't belong to. Their expectations to live the “American dream” become an everyday struggle for survival, just like a group of ants in the wilderness. But will this existential and emotional struggle be hard enough to make them go back, or will they accept it as a better alternative to their old home where dissatisfaction is still present?

Macedonia / Documentary / 2016 / 30’

Director: Goce Cvetanovski
Scr: Ljube Cvetanovski
Cinematographer: Viktor Jonchevski

STORY: The Night of the Forty Martyrs is one of the most important rituals of the mystical order of the Bektashi dervishes. This documentary presents the first recording on camera of this ritual in its entirety.

Macedonia/ Documentary / 2016/ 26’

Director: Leotrim Idrizi
Cinematographer: Bujar Pajaziti
Cast: Baki Umeri

STORY: Who is the man that astonishes with his creative energy and his artistic soul? In Bucharest, you can constantly found him among the most popular people, i.e. among the crème de la crème of science, culture, theater, film... If you are looking for a person whohas the ability and has managed to create real bridges of friendship between nations, using the cultural and creative values as the pillar of the spiritual treasure, then BakiUmeri is one of those people.

Macedonia/ Feature/ 2016/ 18’
Director: Branko Kosteski
Scr: Branko Kosteski
Cinematographer: Dejan Dimeski
Cast: Blagoj Veselinov, Grigor Jovanovski, Dime Iliev, Ana Kostovska, Robert Ristov

STORY: Jovan inherits shoes from his late father. From that moment on, his everyday life-routine is disrupted. Jovan blames his father’s shoes for this, but the actual reason for his unfulfilled life is one crucial event from his past.

Macedonia/ Feature/ 2015/ 16’

Director: Vladimir Mitrevski
Scr: Vladimir Mitrevski
Cinematographer: Naum Doksevski
Cast: Dimitrija Doksevski, Akesl Mehmed, Milan Tocinosvki, Simona Spirovska, Nenad Nacev, DenizAbdula, Aleksandar Mihalovski, Vladimir Petrovik, Simon Manaskovski, Kalin Krajcevski, Vladimir Mitrevski

STORY: KARMA is a short story about the fate of several people, mixed up in a chain of events. The main character is Bobi, a young husband and a father, whose child suffers from a rare disease. His goal is to provide money for his son’s surgery, no matter what the consequences are. He agrees to be involved as a getaway driver in a bank robbery with his friends, convinced that it’s the only way to provide the money for his son's surgery. His decision is also supported by his wife. She also thinks that the bank robbery is the only way to provide the money for their son’s surgery.

brother for a dayBROTHER FOR A DAY
Macedonia/ Feature/ 2015/ 11’

Director: Stojan Vujicik
Scr: Eva Kamcheva
Cinematographer: Dimo Popov
Cast: Toni Mihajlovski, Kamka Tocinovski, Monika Boshkovic, Leon Kemal, Sanela Emin

STORY: Brother for a Day is a film about of our city, our streets and our neighborhoods—a story that could happen anywhere. It tells the story of a thoroughly modern family of three members. In their struggle for money, the parents fail to devote much time or attention to their five-year-old daughter, Anja. They do not have the time or patience to explain things to her and they give her what she wants just to ‘buy some peace’. “Brother for a day” at first glance appears to be a story of different nationalities; in fact, it refers to the divide between the child’s world and the world of adults.

the fieldTHE FIELD
Macedonia/ Feature/ 2016/ 24’

Director: Ibrahim Deari
Scr: Ibrahim Deari
Cinematographer: Ilija Zogovski
Cast: Adem Karaga, Afrim Mucaj, Amernis Nokshiqi, Sefedin Nuredini, Sefedin Shabani Vebi Qerimi and Muzbajdin Qamili

STORY: Before he passes, the father talks to his son - Bardi. He tells him his family's history. He tells him what his grandfathers and great-grandfathers were like, he tells him about his treasure and makes him take a pledge to cherish it, as his ancestors have. The most precious thing is the land.

Macedonia/ Feature/ 2015/ 22’

Director: KosaraMitic
Scr: KosaraMitic
Cinematographer: Dejan Dimeski
Cast: Nikola Kolev, Deniz Abdula, Aleksandar Mihajlovski, Silvija Stojanovska

STORY: “Birthday” is a film about a group of teenagers who find a bizarre way for entertainment. One rainy evening, Markо and Kecko join in to celebrate Milan's eighteenth birthday. It starts as a typical birthday party in which they indulge in hedonism and vices. Knowing that Milan is still a virgin and is desperately in love with their class teacher Nevena, Marko decides to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Macedonia/ Documentary / 2015/ 10’

Director: Tanja Simonovska
Scr: Tanja Simonovska
Cinematographers: Kiril Shentevski & Jerome Guiot Улоги/ Cast: Juan Pedro Jimenez, Branco (the dog), Juan Junior Jimenez, Goran Stamatoski, Riste Gjorgievski, Ljubka Andonovska, Martina Dimoska

STORY: „Аlone“ contains all parts about the life of 45 year old HuanP.Jimenez: starting from his divorce, through the separation and lonely flights, his devotion and commitment tohis work, as well as the loneliness and lack of love. The hidden key in the film is that although money makes the world go round , money is not everything, there is something in love, which is the most important thing in human's life.

Macedonia/ Feature/ 2016/ 10’

Director: Filip Matevski
Scr: Ivana Nelkoska, Filip Matevski
Cinematographer: Fejmi Daut
Cast: Nenad Nacev, Daniel Nastevski, Gjorgji Neskoski, Aleksandra Neskoski, Ninoslav Nankov, Marko Dojoski, Igor Ristevski, Oliver Dingoski, Stefan Kiroski, Haris Muric, Vojkan Jakovlevski

STORY: During the conflict in Macedonia in 2001, Borce, a guitar student who aspires to have a music career, is mobilized to active duty. During transport he is placed in a truck along with other inexperienced young soldiers and one professional soldier. While on the road, the convoy is ambushed and all hell breaks loose over the group. Panic takes over and people start dying. The only person not affected by the events is the professional soldier. He tries to lead other soldiers to safety, but their inexperience leads many to their deaths. Borce is constantly in a near death situation, while he tries to save other soldiers. Promises are made, but will they be kept? The helicopter comes, but is it too late to save somebody? The story ends at the base, with another convoy of soldiers preparing to depart. The evil cycle of the war starts again.

Macedonia/ USA/ Feature/ 2016/ 13’

Director: James Honeycutt
Cinematographer: Dario Sekulovski
Cast: Natasha Petrovic, Jelena Jovanova, Vladimir Petrovic, Stefan Vujisic

STORY: Two girls wait around the town of Skopje for something neither of them know. An introspective journey peppered with invented etymology, fake philosophy, and rocks.

Macedonia/ Feature/ 2016/ 75’

Directors: Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshanov
Scr: Kiril Karakash, Svetislav Podleshanov Камера/ Cinematographers: Vlatko Dzikoski, Panche Prendzov Улоги/ Cast: Katerina Anevska, Mitko Apostolovski, Dimitar Crcoroski, Dimitar Gjorgjievski, Vladimir Gjorgjijoski, Petar Gorko, Mende Kirkovski, Katerina Chakmakoska Klincheska, Mario Markovski , Sonja Mihajlova, Mihajlo Milenkoski, Predrag Pavlovski, Pande Rapeshovski, Milan Sekuloski

STORY: Theosis is in the form of triptych composed of Catharsis, Theoria and Deification. The movie follows the stories of characters who while surviving in their lives, enliven their lost spirituality and the spirituality of those around them.

yelow tulips onlyYELLOW TULIPS ONLY
Macedonia/ Feature/ 2016/ 15’

Director: Kuzman Kuzmanovski
Scr: Eva Kamcevska
Cinematographer: Kiril Shentevski
Cast: Goran Trifunovski, Aleksandra Pavlova, Toni Mihajlovski, Snezhana Kiselicki

STORY: Gigo (45) is a writer, independent artist. He lives a single life as an introvert and shy person. Once he’s been invited to coffee by a female friend, and it gives him hope that he won’t be alone after this appointment. He has heard that this woman loves yellow tulips, and trying to make a good impression, he decides to find yellow tullips, no mater what.

the caseTHE CASE
Macedonia/ Feature/ 2015/ 11’

Director: Ivica Dimitrijevic
Scr: Ivica Dimitrijevic
Cinematographers: Atanas Velkovski
Cast: :Dimitrija Doksevski, Angela Stojanovska, Jasmina Vasileva, Gorast Cvetkovski, Aleksandar Gorgievski, Saso Aleksievski, Nenad Angelkovic, Vasko Dimkov, Hristo Ezovski, Ivica Dimitrijevic

STORY: The Case is a short noir film in which we follow the Man in the Raincoat and his feats. Wandering through the city jam, waiting for the dark in order to go into action, the Man in the Coat finds himself in an awkward situation… The man in the Coat guided by his determination to complete the mission he started suddenly becomes a key to a great solution. You never know what the next moment brings. Every WHY has a BECAUSE. Be careful.