23-30 September 2017


The main mission of the Cinematheque of Macedonia is to collect, process, preserve, protect, and present films and film materials of special artistic, cultural, scientific, historic and other social significance. Furthermore, the Cinematheque is an avid supporter of the film festivals in the Republic of Macedonia, which, above all, aim to elevate the cinema culture in our country. The festival bearing the name of the Manaki Brothers - the first cinematographers on the Balkans, has been held for three and a half decades, and had its beginning at the start of the 70s of the previous century, when an idea started circling among the filmmakers and film professionals, especially among cinematographers - to organize a gathering, sort of an informal symposium, which could contribute to the sharing of ideas and opinions related to cinematography, the status and work of filmmakers and cinematographers, as well as other relevant discussions related to the profession. In this sense, I dare say that the Cinematheque of Macedonia is like an older sister to the ICFF Manaki Brothers - in fact, last April it celebrated its 40 anniversary - and for more than three decades back, it has contributed, to a higher or lesser extent, and has been involved in the shaping of the program and guiding of the festival, by organizing exhibitions and meetings with filmmakers, selection of films, logistic and staff support, which took place within the broader spectrum of events and programs accompanying the festival. This year we are particularly proud to offer a selection of films which will highlight another important anniversary - 45 anniversary of Macedonian animated films, starting from the genre-founder Gligorovski, through the legends such as Markovikj, Mihalov and Pejchinov, all the way to the younger authors from whom we still expect more films, and if I may say - awards and international accolades - following in the footsteps for their predecessors. At the very end, on behalf of the entire Cinematheque of Macedonia, I would like to wish you inspiring cinematic days and creative exchange of experiences at this 37th edition of the ICFF Manaki Brothers.

Boshko Grujoski
Director of the Cinematheque of Macedonia

belo topceWHITE BALL
Animated/ Macedonia/ 1977/ 4'
Director and animator:Darko Markovic

The film is made using balls in different colors. It shows humans as they are, their nature, i.e. their susceptibility, persuasiveness, the influence they have over other people. The problem is in a person's integrity and inthe struggle to preserve it.

rakaA HAND
Animated/ Macedonia/ 1980/ 11
Director and animator: Darko Markovic

The hand metaphorically represents the life energy which guides humans through their life. With the death of the hand, the human existence also stops. In order to avoid this, it takes exceptional courage, autonomy and vigor. The film won the award Great Golden Medal "Belgrade" for direction of an animated film; An Award at the festival in Oberhausen, Germany, as well as the Award of the Catholic Church and the FIPRESCI Award by the International jury.

Animated/ Macedonia/ 1978/ 7'
Director and animator: Boro Pejcinov

This film was made by animated home tools (a hammer, pliers, nails). One of the nails cannot be nailed into the wood. The allusion is that to dignity, perseverance, steadfastness. A human must always stand behind his/her principles and beliefs. The human will is unbreakable.

Animates/ Macedonia/ 1976/ 11'
Direction and animation: Petar Gligorovski

The film is based on the poem Barbara by Jacques Prevert. A bird makes a nest and then sits on top it. After a transformation of the volume, a city grows out of the nest. The egg also appears and is transformed into an eye looking at the sea, then transformed again, now into a woman and a man. This is followed by love and childbirth and then another city grows out of a nest. The disaster which is about to take place is foreshadowed.

love storuLOVE STORY
Animated/ Macedonia/ 1982/ 3'
Director and animator: Delco Mihajlov

The film consists of 17 shots in which a man enters a bar, binge drinks and gets drunk. A woman sits close to him at the bar, he gets close to her drinking the drinks leading up to her and when he reaches her and finishes the last drink, he drops on the ground, drunk as a log. Then we notice that the woman is in fact a mannequin, a bait for the drunk guest. The world we live in is so cruel that no means are chosen to make some profit.

covek ne umiraTHE MAN WHO WOULDN`T DIE
Animates/ Macedonia/ 2015/ 11.19'
Director: Goce Cvetanovski

A man plans to kill himself, but changes his mind when Death comes after him. He tries to convince Death to let him go. A deadly game follows.

naroden frotnNARODEN FRONT 12
Director: Ivan Ivanovski

Divided in three parts, the film takes a parallel look into the human psyche, the structure of society, religion and nature.

Director: Вук Митевски/ Vuk Mitevski

Alerik is an emotional story about a teenage boy, who after the death of his grandfather, the only remaining member of his family, has no other choice but to enlist and is immediately sent to the battlefield. The story shows us the day before Alerik loses his grandfather, and his childhood together with him, and ends up on the battlefield.

Animated/Macedonia/2013/9' 45''
Director: Zarko Ivanov

A young cowgirl in a small village is rounding up her cattle and preparing herself for a trip to the town. On her way there she meets different people in different situations. In the town she is attracted by the cinema and the film posters and enters a cinema for the first time…

devokka sto pagaTHE FALLING GIRL
Animated/ Macedonia/ 2015/ 10'
Director: Vladimir Lukas

A girl stands on a top of a building, looks down towards the city and jumps. She is falling with her eyes closed, and all of a sudden she finds herself on a meadow, surrounded with bizarre characters. One of them is hoop spinning and throws the hoop towards the girl so she starts spinning it as well. The number of hoops increases and the girl gets dismembered into several parts. A creature finds the girl's body parts scattered around the meadow, so it puts her back together and throws her away. The girl is falling again, lands on an assembly line in the middle of the meadow, while hostile creatures observe her from the dense bushes.