23-30 September 2017
konecen katalog 2016 192Master class in partnership with MEDIA Desk MK, Macedonian Film Agency & MAIA Workshop

It is a special honor and pleasure to have another edition of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival which proudly bears the name of the first cinematographers on the Balkans, brother Yanaki and Milton Manaki, ahead of us. The Festival in Bitola is an event which has brought the numerous admirers of film and cinema art together for 37 years in line, a holiday which celebrates the aesthetic power of expression of cinematography in the truest sense of the word. Following its program commitments and strategy, the Film Agency has continually invested in promoting filmmaking and development of cinema culture in the Republic of Macedonia. Through the program commitments for support of film production, giving incentive to script development and education of film professionals, organization of film festivals and development of the screening activities and distribution, as well as promotion of Macedonian cinema at international festivals we make continual efforts for increased affirmation of Macedonian cinema, as well as promotion of the Republic of Macedonia as an appealing and convenient filming destination. The increased number of finished film projects on an annual level speaks of the success of the Film Agency’s strategy, along with the increase in the interest among other European national cinematographies to collaborate on international co-productions where Macedonian participates with a minority financial share, as well as the support for Macedonian co-productions provided by Eurimages.

Dear readers, I am truly glad that this year too, the program of the 37 edition of the International Cinematographers’ Film Festival Manaki Brothers, apart from the ultimate European and international films, will also offer a line
of Macedonian movies, in nearly all of the programs, starting from the Official Competition to the European Perspectives and Makpoint. Traditionally, there will be a Macedonian film at the opening night - THE LIBERATION OF SKOPJE, directed by Rade and Danilo Sherbedzija, and produced by KINO-OKO. I sincerely hope that, bearing in mind the selected program, all film fans will have the chance to get acquainted and enjoy the magic of motion pictures, and above all, the power of the aesthetic expression of the film camera in the ultimate films of the European and international cinemas. At the very end, please allow me to remind you that this year, the Manaki Brothers Film Festival, upon the accession of the Republic of Macedonia to the MEDIA subprogram, obtained the support of this significant European fund, which only serves to reaffirm our strategic goals to keep up with the European cultural values. Last, but not least, allow me to wish you a successful 37 edition of the Manaki Brothers Film Festival. I do hope that the seven-day long festive mood, accompanied by a multitude of screenings, discussions, portraits and workshops will serve as a sufficient challenge and provocation for the audiences. And for us, they are another case in point that the efforts made for promotion of filmmaking and development of cinema culture are the main driving force behind the development and affirmation of Macedonian cinema, as well as the strategic goal of pursuing the European and international values of cinema art and culture in general.

konecen katalog 2016 193Mimi Gjrogoska-Ilievska,
M.A. Director Film Agency of the Republic of Macedonia



konecen katalog 2016 194GRAZIELLA BILDESHEIM

“While we all agree that the director is King in directing his film, the producer’s role in making it possible is not always understood in its entire complexity. The masterclass aims at exploring the multifaceted and fascinating reality of the producer’s job in Europe today.“

Graziella is an independent producer, involved since 1991 in the creative development and financial packaging of feature and documentary films. With her company Fabulafilm, active between 2003 and 2011, she set up and participated in a number of international documentaries and features. She is also the founder of a number of training initiatives such as Maia Workshops (since 2005), HERMES (2009, with Council of Europe and Eurimages) and the 2012/2013 Directors Across Borders Film Workshops (with EU Culture Programme) for filmmakers of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Graziella is also lecturer, consultant and expert assessor with International and European organizations. She teaches at Centro Sperimentale/National Film School in Italy and is member of the European Film Academy and the Jury of the David di Donatello prize. Since July 2014 she sits on the National Film Board at the Italian Ministry of Culture.

konecen katalog 2016 195Master class in partnership with First Film First

ALLAN STARSKI – Production Designer

A hugely successful production designer in his native Poland, Allan Starski still resides in Warsaw from where he travels the world to lend his talents to International filmmakers. In 1987 he got Emmie nomination for „Escape from Sobibor“ art direction. In 1993 he designed the sets for Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List,” for which he was awarded an Oscar, a BAFTA nomination and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Production Design. In the past decade he has designed the sets for numerous international movies, the most notable being “”Europa, Europa”, “Washington Square,” the Polish film ”Pan Tadeusz” for which he won the Polish ‘Eagle’ Award, “ The Body” and „The Pianist” , Roman Polanski’s award-winning story of courage and survival in the Warsaw ghetto of World War II. His work on this production won him a French ‘Cesar’ Award and another Polish ‘Eagle’ Award. His credits include “”Euro Trip”, “Oliver Twist” and “ Young Hannibal”. Recently he did Art Direction to Fatih Akim international production „The Cut“.





Master class with Mr. Karpo Godina

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