23-30 September 2017
konecen katalog 2016 189ТHE MANAKIA BROTHERS. DIARY OF A LONG LOOK BACK(work-in-progress)
Romania/ Documentary/ 2016/ 90’

Director: Eliza Zdru
Scr: Eliza Zdru
Cinematographer: Paula Onet
Cast: Ioana Popescu, Marian Țuțui, Nicolae Tanașoca, Christos Christodoulou, Alexandru Gica, Vassilis Nitsiakos, Simeon Dranovski, Marija Sabotinovska, Stefan Malbasic, Naum Karabatak, Petra Stavrev, Igor Stardelov, Areti Sidousna, Robert Jankulovski, Milton Manaki, Iorgus Hodoianis, Veta Cacioperi
STORY: A mysterious photograph of my great grandparents taken in the 1920’s somewhere in the Balkans reminds me of two Aromanian photographers, famous in the region at the time – Milton and Ianaki Manakia. Trying to verify the assumption that my great grandparents, also of Aromanian origin, were indeed photographed by the two brothers, I embark on a journey through Romania – Bulgaria – Macedonia – Greece trying to recompose the lifestory of the two people who became the very first filmmakers in the region, devoted documentarists of the most dramatic changes that reshaped the face of the Balkans in the first part of the XXth century.

konecen katalog 2016 190FOOT ON THE MOON
Netherlands/ Documentary/ 1999/ 15’

Director: Claire Pijman
Cinematographer: Claire Pijman
Cast: Frank Berger, Edvard Friis – Moeller, Robby Muller, Lars von Trier

STORY: In the summer of 1999, at the request of the Dutch Film Festival, the Dutch film director and camerawoman Claire Pijman traveled to Denmark on the film set of Lars von Trier, to capture the work of the great Dutch cinematographer Robby Muller. The most specific phenomena and special film process on this set was Lars von Trier's intention, together with Robby Muller, to capture some scenes of the very famous film “Dancer in the Dark” with hundreds of mini DV cameras.