23-30 September 2017
MFPA (Macedonian Film Professionals Association) was founded in Skopje on 21 May 1950. With its professional membership, this Association personifies the essence of the Macedonian cinematography. Different film profiles participate in the creation of various film achievements of the short film genre: the documentary, the short feature, and the animated, as well as in the creation of feature films or feature documentaries. Since its foundation to date, in the past six decades, the Macedonian Film Professionals Association has been taking care of the development, expansion, and promotion of the film profession, above all the promotion of professionalism and expertise of various profiles of all generations participating in film production in the Republic of Macedonia. One of the essential goals is to foster the freedom and quality of film creativity, as well as the affirmation of the Macedonian film and its creative values as an integral part of the overall cultural life in Macedonia. The continuity and the vitality are maintained through education of young professionals.